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The Shrine is situated on the westside of Youngstown. Near Mill Creek Park and Calvary Cemetery on South Belle Vista Ave. The shrine is located on a beautiful wooded 32 acre plot of land.

Shrine and Monument of the Unborn

At the lower end of the trail in the 30 acres of the woodland called meditation park is the Monument of the Unborn. It is intended to be a place where those who have experienced the devastating experience of abortion can find the refreshing comfort and  revitalization of a spiritual healing. This monument was erected by the Knights of Columbus and dedicated by Bishop Franzetta on June 30th 1996.


Statue of Saint Stephen the King

The predominant artistic decor of the outside grounds is the super-heroic sized statue of Saint Stephen the King, the first King of Hungary and first canonized monarch in Christendom. The statue was the featured display of the Hungarian pavilion during the 1939 World's Fair in New York.


The Open-air Iron Curtain Stations of the Cross

Embarking on the paved trail that embraces the meadow called the Cathedral of the Pines, visitors will encounter the unique Iron Curtain Stations of the Cross. These stations not only show the traditional way of the cross but also depict the struggle of the church under Communist rule.


Fatima Statue Display of the Western Hemisphere 

The Bishop of Fatima made four replicas of the Virgin Mary statue on display in his cathedral and sent them to the four winds; one to the North; one to the South; another to the East; and this beautiful statue to the West. The statue group features an enthroned statue of Our Lady of Fatima, the three children and their sheep. This visually stunning likeness of the apparitions that the bishop traveled from overseas to personally consecrate here is the one visitors can venerate under the shade of the pine trees. The place includes an impressive granite altar that can accommodate the outside celebration of Holy Mass. Nearby is a large covered pavilion with picnic tables made available to visitors.

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